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Dotter Photo of Coal Miner, Lee Hipshire misused by Russian Trolls is on Page 31 of Mueller Report

2016 Trump-Pence Election Poster was published in the recently-released Mueller Report.
It is the only Mueller Report Visual Exhibit of Russian Interference in our most recent Presidential Election.
I first learned of this photo’s misuse by the Russian Internet Research Agency from Howard Berkes at NPR. Previously a friend employed at the Federal Mine Safety Review Commission saw the Trump poster online after the election. They were the first to let me know of this improper use of my photo of Lee Hipshire a black lung victim who died at age 57 in 1987 and lived in Logan County, WV. The link to my coal miner photos posted on NPR— that have supported Howard’ Berkes’ black lung reporting is one likely source of the hacked image, the other source is my website  Over a year ago, I informed the FBI of this misuse of my photograph by Russian Internet Research Agency supporting Trump’s election.  Later, I was interviewed by an FBI agent in my home.  
On the day the redacted Mueller Report was first published, I first learned from my daughter that Robert Mueller had presented this improper use of my copyrighted image on page 31 of the Mueller Report as a visual example of Russian interference in the 2016 election.  I next contacted Lee Hipshire’s son, Ronnie, now a retired UMWA coal miner living in Logan County, West Virginia, informing him of the misuse of his father’s photograph.  Ronnie was very upset, saying his Dad was a lifelong Democrat who considered the Democratic Party to be “for the working man and the Republican Party for the companies.”  Ronnie Hipshire ended up being interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered show the following Saturday afternoon.  That segment quickly became the most viewed from the show with Anderson Cooper also interviewing Ronnie Hipshire on his CNN show.   Subsequently, the Washington Post, Charleston Gazette-Mail, Philadelphia Inquirer and Canada One Radio all did interviews, feature stories or editorials about this improper use of my portrait of Lee Hipshire.  The poster shown below created by the Russian Internet Research Agency is a key Mueller Report exhibit of Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016.  Below is a list of online links to media coverage of this story;
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Russian Internet Research Agency Coal Miner Poster of Dotter Image of coal miner, Lee Hipshire

On page 31 the Mueller Report published this fake rally poster. The two PA rallies never took place. 

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