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As an occupational photojournalist, Earl Dotter has been photographing American workers for over forty years. His subject matter includes occupational and environmental concerns from both inside and outside the factory gate. His lifetime commitment to documenting these stories with his camera has made Dotter the American worker’s “Poet Laureate.”

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Earl Dotter’s vast photo archive is available for editorial and non-profit use. Coverage begins with the Urban Crisis of the mid-1960s and the War on Poverty. His focus on the workplace started when coal mining was the most dangerous job in America. Since 2000 his exhibit-related photography has focused on what are now the six most dangerous jobs in America.

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Browse the covers of a selection of publications where Earl Dotter’s work is featured. His images appear on the covers and inside: books, textbooks, magazines, job health and safety manuals, professional journals, and online, illustrating the websites of non-profits and labor law firms.

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